Single box glove dispenser Quad box glove dispenser
Dual Glove Box Holder Three Box Glove Holder

All of our Glove Box Holders are manufactured from T-304 stainless steel. They are easy to clean and disinfect and they accommodate most glove box sizes, making them ideal for food processing and medical facilities.

The Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser is very easy to refill, making restocking the gloves quick and hassle free.

The dispensers design allows it to be mounting either vertically or horizontally and provides a convenient, simple storage solution for one, two, three or four boxes of gloves.

Description material and configuration overall dimension
height x Width x Depth
approximate shpg. wt. model no.
Single Dispenser Stainless Steel 10.36" x 5.25" I.D. x 3" I.D. 2 LBS EC101006
Dual Dispenser Stainless Steel 10.36" x 10.5" I.D. x 3" I.D. 3 LBS EC101002
Triple Dispenser Stainless Steel 10.36" x 15.75" I.D. x 3" I.D. 4 LBS EC101007
Quad Dispenser Stainless Steel 10.36" x 21" I.D. x 3" I.D. 5 LBS EC101008
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